Demolition and Clean Up Part 1: Kitchen and Dinning Room

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Above you’ll notice as the images cycle through that Mark had quite a mess on his hands in the beginning. These photos are taken inside the kitchen and dinning rooms, and document the clean up process, light demolition, and the outcome. Note that Mark has removed the bathroom from the kitchen, including the walls, and has knocked down the doorway between dining room and kitchen. He also removed the paint and lime from the walls to expose the bare plaster, revealing layers of past patchwork and repair. You can see he has also stripped the paint off of the baseboards, trim, and doors to reveal the beautiful original wood beneath.

Stripping the walls back to the bare plaster is a risk because not all of the lime comes off as easily as it does from walls that have had water damage or structural cracks. And obviously we have to go one way or another; leave most of it intact, do some patching, oil prime and paint, OR, totally rip it off, get naked, go crazy. I’ve urged Mark to get naked in most of the ‘public’ rooms of the house. Hopefully I haven’t been a bad influence. From an ‘hours of labor’ perspective, I may have really dug myself into a hole. But I think it will be worth it in the end. The bare plaster is really gorgeous, and will be nicely balanced out by warm tones in the bare wood trim and floor. Once it’s cleaned off, Mark can apply an acrylic clear coat to seal the walls. Such an amazing shimmer and depth to that surface…


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