Demolition and Clean Up Part 2: Second Floor Bathroom

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An interesting thing to remember about the early life of this house is that plumbing was still an uncommon feature in homes. In the case of the 5K house, there is an original infrastructure evident for draining water (from the second floor, for example), but no water delivery system. So the residents would carry water upstairs, but they wouldn’t have to bother bringing it back down once they were finished bathing or cleaning.

I think back to this fact because the house was used shortly before Mark bought it while the plumbing, or at least the toilets, were dysfunctional. Like a step back in time, but without the graceful 19th century habits for discretely dealing with waste. Needless to say, toilets were being used without a water supply or drain. Mark mentioned he put together quite the biohazard cleanup outfit, and was grateful for the odor-blocking ability of his carbon filtered mask.

That was the most unglamorous part of the clean-up. The rest of the work involved removing the fiberboard painted walls, breaking up the concrete toilet platform, removing the distressed floor boards (to be salvaged for patchwork later on), and finally replacing those boards with some plywood. Relieved to have arrived after the day of toilet clean up, I got to have fun breaking concrete with a sledgehammer instead.


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