Demolition and Clean Up Part 3: The Bedrooms

You’ll see in the slideshow photos from the front room downstairs and the three bedrooms upstairs. We’ve grouped the pictures by room, so you can get a sense of how each room has been transformed so far. The downstairs room was pretty well cleaned out but it is temporarily serving as our trash staging area so that Mark can stagger the volume of garbage he puts out each week. Apparently the city offers unlimited free garbage pick up, officially. Unofficially, however, you’ve got to avoid offending your garbage man. Mark has tested the waters and was scolded a few weeks ago. But he’s made his peace now. As he told me, “Jesus may have walked on water but the garbage man makes my trash disappear. Feels like a miracle every time.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The upstairs rooms are evidence of a pretty standard clean out process. Nothing fancy, but a lot of work, like prepping the walls and ceilings readying them for repair and paint. Like downstairs, the woodwork will be stripped and refinished. And check out that wood wall in the back bedroom! Not original to the house, but it’s been around for a long time. Those boards are floor boards that someone used to create an interior wall, forming the upstairs bathroom area. I spent a good chunk of my time last week sanding off the dirt, glue and mold from the surface. Mark is a magician with finishes, so I’m sure it will give a nice glow to the room once he ‘ices the cake,’ so to speak.


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