And finally… the roof!

looking up to the roof hatch, soon to be covered over!

Re-doing the roof presented some interesting challenges. It gently slopes from front to back while the second floor ceilings are a level (except in the back half of the back bedroom where the ceiling and roof rafters are one), so there’s about three feet of space between the two planes in the front and no space 2/3 of the way back. The best way to get an even layer of insulation was to access that space from the top.  Also, Ed, my electrician, spent a day re-doing all the existing electrical wiring and adding some new stuff…that’s why I took on the responsibility of removing the roof and tarping it between the different tasks until we were ready for the roofer.

Tony, from the insulation company, climbed into the front crawl space and accessed most of the ceiling by blowing the shredded fiber glass.

It went surprisingly fast.

getting the level juuuust right!

The truck has a massive hopper to shred and blow the fiberglass bails.

Mike did the roof as a side job. Not the cheapest bid but excellent work. The biggest challenge was having only Saturday and Sunday to do the work, we played cat and mouse with the weather. In the end it worked out.

Part of the roof missing... very beautiful and strange.

Rebuilding the gutter

First we put down ISO board, then EPDM (rubber roofing system)

I helped Mike out when it made sense. The rest of the week I continued stripping the woodwork, and I’m happy to say it’s almost done! Can’t help myself but to throw in one last stripping image… Contrary to what people would believe, and as I stated in the last post, I love the process. It’s like finding hidden treasure, one piece of trim at a time.

You can see the near door jam in process: Stripped above, to-be stripped below.

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One Response to And finally… the roof!

  1. Elsha says:

    COOL! Love reading about, and watching the progress 🙂 Can’t wait to see the house in person!

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