and for some fun…

the pattern negative installed into the stairway

With the purchase of this house I wanted to have some fun — slap the notion of safe ‘neutral’ choices in the face. The way I see it, I’m surrounded by opportunities to play around, inspired by my constant companion: the house! … and there are some frickin’ cool things about this place.

Another influence is my love of casting patterns. They are the initial form, made of wood, used as the master mold for casting metal. Many of the pieces  I’ve collected come from a foundry that was torn down over twenty years ago. The ones used here came from a cache that were released from a recently completed ‘warehouse to living space’ project in the nearby neighborhood of Northside.

Sometimes I remove parts of the pattern to simplify the form. I also find that sanding the weathered surfaces reveals a passion of mine: natural woodwork. I’ll say it one more time, to really drive home the point: I CAN’T get enough of the stuff!

The end results are a magical mix of a time honored patina and revealed master craftsmanship culminating in a very contemporary form.  Juicy, I must say…

We were crazy lucky in getting both the negative AND the positive form of the same shape. The form to the left is the positive of the above form. It’s in a pre worked-on state in the photo and will also find a place in the 5k house. Sometimes they look great in the original finish but being outside took its toll and, of course, that addiction thing… so sanding away we go!

exposing pure visual candy

The pattern being exposed to weather, created some great lines.

The chosen spot for the negative

step 1: open ‘er up…

…and there was light!

Plop in place and deeeeelicious!

The pattern sticks out into the previous dinning room but no problem, had to make a wall for the second floor air return.

The wall was framed at a slight angle to minimized the visual footprint leaving plenty of room for a couch with a front row seat view of one helluva big hole!! (keep posted)

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3 Responses to and for some fun…

  1. Andrew says:

    Juicy bits of orange

  2. Phil says:

    Lovely, the entire house as art. Go Mark, go!

  3. m says:

    looks great mark – dig the wall at an angle.

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