Another quick post…

here’s another ‘before and after’ shot. I had many places in the exposed ‘brown’ coat wall that needed attention. How to do it was a bit tricky, I couldn’t use conventional plastering tools due to how it would adversely affect the cool raw look. You know, gobs of drywall mud smeared on with drywall knives just wasn’t going to cut it… I needed to be creative.

I liked the look of the cracks but I needed to bring the structural integrity back to the plaster.

The cracks are filled in but done carefully keeping the raw exposed plaster look intact.

Using the masonry bag to place the new plaster.

So the answer was this bag, commonly used for brick work. The trick is to squeeze more plaster in then you need. It’s important to make the plaster proud of the crack or hole you’re filling, then you use a plaster plane to make it level (to show what this is, I might have to dig a picture up).

but for now… off to bed!

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