Michael comes to town

My good friend Michael generally drives thru Cincinnati in the spring and late summer traveling from where he teaches in LA to his place in the Upstate NY. With the 5k house happening he generously stayed 5 days to hang out and to jump into some plastering!

Looking at the expansive wall going upstairs

Looking from the second floor landing

Since the compromised¬†lime coat was removed and the brown coat restored, the surface was ready for some new base and lime coat. I helped Michael do some plastering on his house that he built Upstate, so it seemed like a good thing for us to work on together. I mentioned in an earlier posting of having the ‘positive’ shape of the pattern I installed at the base of the stairs. I always imagined it being higher up on the same wall mounted inside a large lime plaster circle.

First we painted on a pink glue like product called ‘plaster weld’ allowing for good adhesion of the base coat.

Then we applied the base coat which has a corse texture.

The finish product after troweling on the white lime coat.

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