Drywall and plaster wall restoration

Readying the existing walls for paint is subjective and getting a quote that matches my expectations of the final product can be tricky, hence I did that process and got a couple of brothers to do the straight forward drywall work.

Adam and Josh hung drywall board over most of the ceilings and any new framing.

Normally I didn’t tolerate people smoking inside. Somehow I got a kick out these brothers both smoking while working. Crazy…



It worked out best for me to assume the final skim coat on the drywall. Like the last coat in the Glid-wall process, we rolled on the mud then remove most of it with the 24″ drywall knife.

Rolling on the mud.

Striking off the skim coat.

You can see the ceiling prior to having drywall hung. On the existing walls there’s some typical restoration work including; Glid-Wall over where the fireplace previously existed, above the door and window, also paper tape in a cracked corner. A real mix and typical for the existing walls.


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2 Responses to Drywall and plaster wall restoration

  1. Andrew says:

    I’m shocked to see a drywaller smoking without poking a hole in a dust mask for the cigarette.

  2. michael says:


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