Blue Form

At the top of the stairs there’s the long hall that leads to the middle and back bedrooms and the 2nd floor bathroom. I didn’t like the idea of the exposed brown coat in the long passage… too much information. But a large smooth blue shape floating on top of the exposed plaster seemed fitting. So here it goes…

Under the shape is the original lime plaster and Glid-Wall making it ready for the blue plaster.

A satisfying process


Near the end of the first batch.

The shape wraps around to the other side and terminates in the same way as in the beginning… Nice to see it with plaster circle.

And for the tech heads…  I find the ‘old’ USG Duro-bond 90 a wonderful medium for making ‘poor man’s’ Venetian plaster. I used a cobalt blue universal tint commonly used to color paint. I sealed all the exposed plaster and the blue shape with a water-based masonry sealer.

About mdejong11

Residential contractor/artist
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2 Responses to Blue Form

  1. Andrew says:

    Your aesthetic sensibility is amazing, a perfect blend of form and function. Well done.

  2. mdejong11 says:

    aww shucks Andrew…

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