Slapping on the paint.

It’s been great having Walt paint, besides Walt being good at it, there was plenty for me to do.

Here he is in action…

The upstairs rooms got blue ceilings then we… keep posted!

I like the contrast of the blue worm leading to this intimate space lit up by this vivid red.

In the varnishing process. hmmmmm…… electrician needs to move the receptacle box means another circle!

Putting on the last coat of pigmented varnish to the 500 + feet of shoe molding I made. To be installed around the rooms after the floors have been refinished.

Walt on a walk board doing the finishing touches to the stairwell ceiling. In the public spaces, like hall, kitchen, living room, the ceilings got an earthy yellow color.

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5 Responses to Slapping on the paint.

  1. Remco says:

    Nice, good action shots on Walt. When’s the open house?

  2. mdejong11 says:

    good question. It’d be nice to do something before heading down south. Maybe late September.

  3. Bria Reus says:

    Painting can really change the atmosphere of the house – from messy to elegance. I can’t wait to see the outcome.

  4. Gorgeous Georgeous says:

    Amazing. Did he do these circles free-hand and without a stencil? How can you draw a ring that big?

    • mdejong11 says:

      Walt has painted for many years so cutting-in free handed wasn’t a problem. To make the circles, I simply found a 2 inch wide strip of plywood that was longer than I needed, put a screw in one end and a quarter inch hole to accommodate a #2 pencil on the other end. In other words, a giant compass. Thanks for checking in.

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