Sanding the floors.

Early on, shortly after removing the contents of the house, I was left wondering if the wood floors could be salvaged. The leaking plumbing and faulty roof took its toll.  It was encouraging to hear Rick say he could work with what I had. I love how sanding the floors changes everything… it’s the divide line between the rough dirty work and where the finish is in sight.

Starting the process.  DYI’ers  take note: Leave it to the professionals! They have the equipment and knowledge to do it right.

Dan, Rick’s helper, using an edger on the steps.

Love the raw wooden floors, wish they could stay that way. Dan is beginning the finishing process.

Rick using a pail to pour out the polyurethane. An insane amount went through the gaps between the boards, thankfully we had tons of saw dust to clean up the basement floor! This floor in the back bedroom is my favorite, the water damage gave it some great colors and tons of character.

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6 Responses to Sanding the floors.

  1. Vernay Reindollar says:

    I can remember when those DIY’ers were your brothers and myself.

  2. citykin says:

    Mark, how do you fill large gaps? Or do you fill them at all?

    • mdejong11 says:

      generally I don’t fill the gaps between boards since wood moves with the seasons and can pop out any putty. If they are unusually large I’ll fill them with bondo mixed with masonry stains to match the floor. There is a video on this blog showing the process, it’s called ‘patching the floors’. Hope I was helpful.

      • Peter Lask says:

        I saw a video the other day of filling big gaps in wide plank flooring with natural fiber rope dipped in stain. Kind of like how they chink the planks on old wooden boats.

  3. Looks like a job well done, remember to get these guys back for a buff and coat in 12 to 18 months! It will bring it back up to fresh for cheap and it will make your floor last longer 🙂

  4. Peter Lask says:

    Next time try Rubio Monocoat oil. Non-toxicand almost impossible to mess up. 1 coat and done!

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