Ceilings… anyone?

White ceilings are nice but kind of boring, unless….. you make it funky!

The photos are in the order that you’d experience the rooms if touring the house.

After entering the side door (now the main entry), you step into the stairway hall. On the left is the former living room at the front of the house. Let’s call it the ‘study’.

You pass back by the side entry door into the new living room. This picture is taken from where the kitchen straddles the living and dining room and looks back at where you first enter.

Kitchen bridges into both the living and dining room. Kind of getting three rooms out of two. This photo also is taken from where the kitchen will be. The door on the left is a small bathroom and the middle windows looks out to the back yard.

We go back through the living room into the hall and upstairs leading to the second floor. This photo is taken from the second landing. You can see the big plaster circle on the right. At the top of the stairs on the left, is the front bedroom.

The front bedroom. I consider this the master bedroom, it has one of the beautiful fireplaces and doesn’t share a common wall with another bedroom. It’s at the front of the house above the study. The window on the right faces the street.

The Middle bedroom. All the bedrooms are of decent size.

The back bedroom. The smallest bedroom but my personal favorite, it has the beautiful wooden wall and gorgeous floors. The window you see here looks out onto the backyard.

The bathroom. White on white… so modern.

With all the ceilings, I was interested in striking  a balance of making a shape, usually a circle, that worked with the given room and contained the junction box for the ceiling light. There is a dome like effect

That concludes the tour for today!

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Residential contractor/artist
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2 Responses to Ceilings… anyone?

  1. Andrew says:

    Fantastic. Creates the allusion of more space.
    I wonder if you could apply this laser-like design focus to other things, say watching the road while driving . . .

  2. Remco says:


    Nice too, I’d like to come see in person.

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