I owe, I owe… it’s off to work I go

The work on the 5k house is proceeding and getting close to being done dispite only having nights and weekends to work on it. Since the beginning of August I’ve been full time on a significant project and will be there beyond the new year. Thought I’d share the experience…

The house has different styles mixed together, all alluding to a manor home from the 1920’s

My brother Robbert… yup, with two ‘B’s. He’s the project manager on this massive 2+ year job.

This is a detail of the main space, or great room… a room on steroids! It’s made with Butternut, a soft wood-and as of recently-more expensive then it’s close relative the Black Walnut tree. My job is to finish the wood creating an antique look, the challenge is to do this tastefully, not a ‘canned’ distress job.

Prepping one of the two stairwells to be finished. I protect everything is protected since I use an HVLP sprayer to apply the various coats.

A small space off the great hall, it’s called the music room.

There are many wonderful carvings . It’s fun to make them pop with the glazing.

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3 Responses to I owe, I owe… it’s off to work I go

  1. Ross says:

    Darn, 2+ years. I have a friend who could use you now for a house you might enjoy working on. Maybe you could still look at it sometime.
    This looks kind of like the Schott estate – main house.

  2. johnwright790 says:

    Hey Mark, It’s nice the other side of the tracks as well- very impressive! Give my regards to Robbert- we missed him last visit. And I love the manor’s gold and black finish on the mannered butternut detail. JW

  3. Vernay Reindollar says:

    Please give Robbert my regards!

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