We had an exciting week in the neighborhood! After a nice halloween evening with my family I arrived home a little before 11:00, jumped into bed shortly thereafter. Half hour later my deep sleep was disrupted by the frantic yelling of a neighbor. I stepped into my living room and a surreal moment… the building behind mine completely engulfed in flames!

On the left is my warehouse where I live on the third floor, on the right is my company van. There’s only a meter between the back of our buildings, also there’s a big difference in elevation, my first floor is even with their roof which you see here burning. A large fire truck set up in my driveway before I could move my vehicles.

Here’s the 5k house.

The building is large, probably 150 meters deep by 20 meters wide. This is part of the front, which is around the corner from my street. I counted 8 large fire trucks at this three alarm fire.

We waited here for close to three hours before being allowed to return to our homes. My warehouse is behind the fire truck. The fire department used lights which highlighted the smoke.

The next day the demolition had started due to safety concerns.

We were lucky. The entire roof burned except a small section behind my warehouse, which protected it. The other 5 homes including the 5k house on my street have only a small yard separating them from the fire, had the winds blown from the north and not from the west, there could’ve been a very different outcome.

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2 Responses to Fire!!!

  1. Denise Burge says:

    glad you’re ok, Mark!! And it’s fascinating watching this process online.

  2. Joan says:

    Wow, how scary and close! I’m so glad you and your work are ok!
    Thanks for the tour by the way. Everyone on the west coast is in awe.

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