Thanks Oscar…

The great Brazilian architect, Oscar Niemeyer, Passed away Yesterday.

Walking in or around his work felt like being in a live ‘Jetsons’ set. Concrete looks as malleable and weightless as paper. Just beautiful.

IMG_2254grab bag - 31

grab bag - 33


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2 Responses to Thanks Oscar…

  1. Gorgeous Georgeous says:

    I appreciate your tribute to Oscar Niemeyer. To be as old as he was and still producing dreams. What greatness!

    Prior to coming to work here in Ethiopia, I purchased a used Subaru from an Argetinian architect in Los Angeles. This gentleman was no spring-chicken, but he was apparently a good friend/acquaintance of Niemeyer, and told quite a few stories about him. That’s how I learned that even at the age of 100+, Niemeyer was designing things for the upcoming WorldCup in Brazil.

    My favorite architect, though, remains Antonio Gaudi. Talk about thinking outside the box! He was a world class genius on a par with no one.

  2. mdejong11 says:

    FLLW was also working up to the time he passed away… 96 years old!

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