Field trip!

I visited Tim McMichael, one of the artists in the 5k house show, at his studio in the David Shoe building which – at least for me – had quite the reputation as an artists hubbub. Most of the activity started 10+ years ago and was relatively short-lived; a bunch of the spaces were converted for living and studios but things got out of hand with raves hence the landlord kick most of the folk out. There’s a strangeness in seeing the abandoned lofts.

The south side

The south side

Tim In his studio

Tim In his studio

Shared studio space

The shared shop space.

Some of Tim's artwork.

Some of Tim’s artwork.

Abandoned studio

An abandoned living space.

Abandoned studio

Another one.

Tim McMichael's old studio

Tim’s old studio; a couple years back he moved to his present space. This is the pipe from the wood stove he used for heat.

Tim McMichael's old studio

An old sign from another time…

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