And the last few posts… 1 of 4

It’s been a while since I last posted anything, my thought has always been to introduce my next house project as I wrapped up the 5k experience. Things have moved slower than I first imagined, but the process to acquiring another house on my street is progressing. The idea is to realize a 25+ year dream to take a rather typical Cincinnati shotgun, remove the floors, add the appropriate structural support and place a swing inside the space. Daunting, to say the least… The effort and expense are huge but I seem to return to the belief that I need to make this happen. In the meantime it’s time to make a living, and with the recently purchased house in Northside, hopefully that will keep me going. I’m in the process of getting the blog going for that project, which I’ll share soon, but first I want to share Steve’s Paszt’s photos of the 5k house just prior to the Ashleigh and Brett’s arrival in late September. It’s an honor having them live in the house!

So… I want to explain what to expect in the next few posts. The photos will be of the interior of the house, the different rooms and their details of. I’m breaking it into four posts: the first floor, the hall/stairs, the second floor, and finally, my favorite detail shots. Seeing the pictures again was like fine wine, it only got better… enjoy, as I did.

The First Floor:

The original Living room in the front of the house.

The original Living room in the front of the house.

first floor - 2

The former living room.

first floor - 3

The former dining room looking towards the hall and main entry which is on the side of the house.

first floor - 4

The former dining room looking towards the kitchen.

first floor - 5

In the kitchen looking into the former dining room. Pantry closet door on the left.

first floor - 6

The former kitchen which now has a small half bath in the corner and room for a table. The new kitchen straddles the old kitchen and old dining room.

The half Bathroom.

The half Bathroom.

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4 Responses to And the last few posts… 1 of 4

  1. Andrew says:

    Amazing. What incredible craftsmanship. And you’re a good looking fella on top of everything else.

  2. Luciana Brasil says:

    Hi Mark!! How nice to hearing from you, again! The 5k house is a dream…congratulations for the beautiful job.

    Waiting for the news!

    Kss and hugs


    Enviado via iPhone


  3. A+ I love this project so much.

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