let me introduce to you…

First, the stewards of the 5K house:

Ashleigh and Brett moved here in late September. They’re originally from Kansas city and came to Cincinnati via Tucson/Buffalo/L.A. for a book/paper conservator job ashleigh took at the Langsam library at the University of Cincinnati and shared with the Hamilton County Public Library system. Brett continues the family tradition of printmaking having a MFA in it and soon will be teaching at the Art Academy and NKU. Moving here is their first opportunity to unpack many boxes and settle into a home. For me, it was well worth the wait to find such great tenants!


Home sweet home…



I love these specimen jars.


…from birds to plants.










And finally, 1407chase.com, my new blog.

For the past 2 + months I’ve been absorbed in a new project. It will have some art elements, but for the most part, it’ll be a straight forward restoration and renovation adventure. The lovely ‘Four Square’ house located in the wonderful neighborhood of Northside and I hope to be finished mid-summer and will most likely put it back onto the market. As always, I become pleasantly rather obsessed in the process and the intended blog has had a late arrival and now I have some serious catch up work to do! so please be patient… having ‘followers’ of a blog definitely ups my game, that said, please-my loyal 5kcincinnati.com’ers-click on that ‘follow’ button!

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