The Builder

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Mark Dejong was born in Holland and raised in Cincinnati after age 4. His background includes a formal education in Fine Arts followed by a career in residential construction , where he gravitated towards a specialization in plaster restoration, carpentry and wood finishing. This particular house project follows a handful of other home restoration projects in various Cincinnati neighborhoods. For him, breathing life back into an old house like this is an opportunity for him to express his own playful aesthetic sensibilities, re-imagining various elements of the layout and finishes while also choosing to preserve certain ‘clues’ to the building’s history. He describes his process as striking a balance between a contribution of his own personal vision on the one hand, and a respect for the original architecture and craftsmanship on the other.

6 Responses to The Builder

  1. M Davis says:

    Mark, great to see you Friday at Rem 50th. This is amazing, best of luck to you. Matt Davis

  2. kate gallion says:

    SO. I’m calming down. I won’t use anymore caps to express the sheer amazement of the project.
    In Cincinnati. Camp Washington.
    The labor of vision and love in saving this house and it’s accumulated human history.
    Honoring the decades. Not hiding it under coats of gooey latex paint and drywall.
    How exquisite and admirable.
    It’s one thing to capture the give away price, another to invest in the infrastructure/HVAC/plumbing/electric-
    This is a whole extra level of excellence. A place where the ghosts won’t feel displaced, rootless and pissed off.
    I salute you- boy genius. Did I mention the closets? And the circles?
    Please make one for me?
    Mark Dejong, markdejongmarkdejongmarkdejong!

  3. Judy Ganance says:

    all the way around
    cycle back

    straight lines bump into edges
    Sharp forcing rules

    Circles allow escape
    Only temporary
    We come back to where we are

    Lines with edges always want more
    A shadow for hiding
    Or to dominate boldly

    Walk the circle
    Draw the circle
    Paint the circle
    Reveal the circle

    Lines bring us over there
    Yet curving back
    Finding its source
    — anna bergen

    Lovely for you to reveal the circle Mark. Thank you for including us. Judy & Francis

  4. andre. says:

    This is an astounding work of craft and wit, beauty and honest love. Thank you for caring, and especially for sharing.

  5. Nice site and project! I heard about this all the way out in CA through another Ohio native (musician/architect). It’s truly inspiring to see what can be done with the right combination of intent, creativity and back muscles! I especially dig all the different plaster textures, such a relief after all the smooth and white everywhere all the time. Also Tim McMicheal’s work always draws me in… I’m nostalgic for east coast architecture now!

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